Recommended Reading

cover Chapman Piloting: Seamanship & Boat...

Considered the "Bible of Boating" for more than half a century. The latest edition includes satellite navigation data and new laws and regulations.  Full color, illustrated chapters cover the essentials of seamanship and boat handling.

cover The Practical Mariner's Book of...

Between these covers is the essence of centuries of seafaring experience, distilled into a concise, alphabetically organized reference for sailors and powerboaters. You'll find rules of thumb for hull thickness, bottom paint coverage, estimating distances, when to hoist and lower flags, predicting weather, which colors are unlucky, rope size and strength, anchoring rights, making a rum punch, and a lot more. This is either the most useful boating book ever designed to entertain or the most entertaining book ever designed to be useful. Open it to any page and browse awhile. You'll see.

cover River Horse: The Logbook of a Boat...(The Book)

River-Horse: Across America by Boat (Audio Tape)

In his most ambitious journey ever, William Least Heat-Moon sets off aboard a C-DORY boat named Nikawa (river horse in Osage) from the Atlantic at New York Harbor in hopes of entering the Pacific near Astoria, Oregon. He and his companion, Pilotis, struggle to cover some 5,000 watery miles, often following in the wakes of our most famous explorers, from Henry Hudson to Lewis and Clark.
Enroute, the voyagers confront massive floods, dangerous weather, and their own doubts about whether they can complete the trip. But the hard days yield incomparable pleasures: generous strangers, landscapes untouched since Sacajawea saw them, riverscapes flowing with a lively past, and the growing belief that efforts to protect our lands and waters are beginning to pay off.
Teeming with humanity, humor, and high adventure, River-Horse is an unsentimental and original arteriogram of our nation at the millennium.


cover Trailer Boats

TRAILER BOATS MAGAZINE is edited for recreational boaters who own or plan to own a boat in the 28 foot or smaller range. Editorial focuses on tests and comparisons of 17 to 28 foot cruisers, runabouts, fishing boats, ski boats and house boats, plus evaluations on outboard, inboard, jet and stern drive engines. Proper tow rating assessments on current model cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles are features. Proper seamanship, piloting and boat handling articles are featured, as are safe towing, launching and loading procedures. Product reviews include the latest in marine electronics, plus how-to features. Destination and recreational reviews include water skiing, water toy sports, camping, fishing and travel.

cover Motorboating

Motorboating is a magazine for men and women who love boats and the adventure, challenge and romance of the sea. Filled with exciting features, new boat previews, product update, plus maintenance and repair tips that will extend the life and value of your boat.

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